Earth is a podcast founded by Stuart Russell in 2016AD.

Stuart Russell is a British podcaster, writer and arts enthusiast trained in radio production. He has received several awards and honours for services to the arts, including a British Empire Medal and British Citizen Award. He is a Content Producer at BBC The Social, an Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society and was one of only thirty young people shortlisted for commercial space travel in 2015. Stuart loves to interview inspirational people and provide platforms to give him and others the chance to be heard.


It is a platform encouraging positive planetary change from a youth perspective. The mission of this podcast is to air concerns about important global issues and present viable solutions. In each show Stuart speaks with a global network of young people, allowing them to share opinions, stories, social projects & ideas that will make Earth a better planet.



Earth is supported by The Podcast Host, Podcast Scholarship 2016.


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