Earth introduces Keith Glen Schubert (Tammie Brown). Keith is a drag performer who appeared on RuPaul's Drag Race and RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars. When he is not travelling the world performing as Tammie Brown, Keith is on social media taking steps towards environmental action.

Earth introduces Jonathan Andrews from London, UK. Jonathan is a member of the UK Parliaments Autism Commission, campaigning to increase the services available to those with autism.

Earth introduces Jason Deegan from Dublin, Ireland. Jason runs Anti Corruption International, encouraging young people to take steps to eradicate global corruption.

Earth introduces Michael McNally from Newcastle, UK. Michael is the Dream Executive, running a podcast and blog of the same name. His work aims to actualize human potential.

Earth introduces Christopher Senesi from Colorado, USA. Chris runs ALLY Youth Services, working with at-risk-youth in Boulder, Colorado. He also co-founded a new app for millennials called FuseAct.

Earth introduces Jenny Engstrom from Sweden. Jenny works in tourism and discusses opening up Sweden to the world through the countries very own phone number.

Earth introduces Ivan Kay from London, UK. Ivan is a social entrepreneur and runs an online collaborative network called Spiela. Spiela is a place where young people all over the world can share knowledge, ideas, and differences.

Earth introduces Michael Heider from Munich, Germany. Michael runs Project Together, supporting people who wish to start social projects in Europe. Project Together recently won the Google Impact Challenge 2016.

Earth introduces Njaimeh Njie from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Njaimeh is a media professional and runs Power(ed) by Grace, a digital platform exploring African American womanhood.

Earth introduces Francois Reyes from Paris, France. Francois runs Reveil Citoyen (Citizens Awakening), a political think tank allowing French people a voice following terror attacks in 2015.

Earth introduces Felix Manzi from Rwanda, Africa. Felix runs The Dawnews, a magazine that aims to support youth and peace building in his community.

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Earth introduces David Shitsimi from Kenya, Africa. David is President of the World Youth Government, an organization allowing young people to participate in global leadership.